BFG Financial Services

Independent Wealth & Accounting Advice

BFG Financial Services is a leading accounting practice located in Macquarrie Park.  Our core business is the provision of professional independent personal financial advice.

We are privately owned and independent from any financial institutions, this ensures that we provide unbiased advice tailored to your individual needs.

We have been providing advice to clients on wealth creation, management, protection, distribution and taxation since 1990 and operate on a flat fee for service basis.

Our “Fees for Service” are calculated based on time, expertise, complexity and the level of responsibility involved with your affairs. Should we receive any rebates and or commissions from products and investments recommended in your strategy, these are always paid back to you.

Our role as accountants specialising in financial advice is clear. What we do is help clients make smart decisions about their wealth and strategy is number one.

We don’t focus on a financial product, we look at a holistic strategy, whether it is salary packaging, debt management, asset management or investments, taxation, aged care or Centrelink. Our job is to explore all the variables and provide an appropriate strategy.

Our recommendations can be quite complex however, they are structured to arrive at a solution which is in the best interests of each client. The start­ing point is for the client to know exactly what their goals are and we are sticklers for making goals very clear, quantifiable and set against a realistic timeframe.

Supported by our independent structure, BFG is client-centric and emphatic that the client-advisor relationship is a two-way street. We don’t seek to give advice to people who aren’t going to tell us everything about their situation. Building a completely open and transparent relationship is an important part of the process. One that ultimately generates BFG’s core value “Trust”.

At BFG our entire team is focused on adding value and assisting clients to improve their financial well-being.

Our independent and personalised advice provides you with financial peace of mind.